Safegate is a mobile application providing security solutions.

Safe Gate apartment security app- Safegate is an all in one, innovative and advanced way to secure your home and surrounding. With the invention of food and transportation apps, the number of phone calls and people ushering in to ring the doorbell of the house has boomed by a thousand times. From cab drivers, to house helpers, online shopping and delivery boys; the extreme number of calls and nods can be distressing and exasperating. Safegate makes life easier with a one click method of Notifications on your app seeking your approval of the visitors’ entry. This and many other security and society friendly features are available on the app.


Visitor Management

For residents:

  • Validate visitors from your mobile phone.
  • Replace your manual Visitor Register and visitor entry procedure.
  • Pre authorized guest/ Expected Guest entry feature; notify the gate and your visitors get a one-time password (OTP) that they can show the security guard.
  • Each resident can see and track personal visitor log.
  • Get real time notifications of your visitor’s arrival.

For RWA/ Society:

  • Manage data, records and visitor log in the complex from one place- the app.
  • Society members and associates can have access to various other reports like Lists of permanent residents or owners, apartments on rent, rent holders information and identification, verification etc.
  • Bring in transparency into the operations of the association and thus improve satisfaction of owners and residents.
  • Monitor the actions of visitors from the comfort of your home or even remotely.

For Security Guard:

  • Replace all registers and notepads with a mobile phone/ tablet that has the App.
  • Facility to prevent impostors from entering the society premises.
  • Faster check-ins and checkouts.


Daily Services & Staff Management

For residents:

  • Staff attendance management of the maid, nanny, driver, assistant etc.
  • Track and see check-ins and checkout time of your workers.
  • In case of any theft or mishap, get immediate help from neighbors and other residents.
  • Black list feature available for inappropriate staff that prevents them from entering the site.
  • View and comment on the reviews made by fellow residents for Household helpers.
  • Request the society to provide recommendations on daily services helpers and update with ID and residential Proofs.

For RWA/ Society:

  • Manage data, records of all helpers, workers and labour force in the complex.
  • Society can update Individual and Residential proofs, Govt. ID Details of Daily Services Helpers.
  • Ability to black list inappropriate helpers and workers.

For Security Guard:

  • Stop black listed workers from entering the complex.
  • Faster registration and daily log maintenance of helpers.


Parking Management

  • Both resident and visitor’s vehicle details is recorded. This allows Security to access the vehicle owners, in case of emergency.
  • Monitor car parking area and alerts for unidentified vehicles.
  • Alerts for encroachment on resident’s car parking slot.


Notice Board

  • A separate category for Notice Board.
  • RWA members and head can pin and write notice for meetings or other information which can be viewed by all members and residents.
  • Good way of maintaining a healthy, positive and cordial neighborhood and conducting meetings.
  • Residents can view and comment on the notice board feature.
  • Notice board is visible to all including security personnel.


Emergency & SOS Alerts

  • All Emergency Contacts are visible and updated from time to time such as nearest Hospital, Fire station, Police Station, Bank, Veterinary, School, Grocery Store, Chemist, Plumber, Electrician, Water Board, etc.
  • Contact Details of all members of Society Management, Security Personnel, all residents and local property dealer are available and updated.
  • In case of emergency, a resident can contact any other resident or member directly from the app.
  • SOS alert slot available in the app.
  • In SOS circumstances, there is an option available with just one click to call the security team.
  • Security team gets immediate alerts and responds within seconds for the unforeseen action.


Residents Welfare

  • All residents contact details, flat numbers, building details are available including those staying on rent or lease.
  • Details can be accessed only by those who have access to the app.
  • Keeps the relations between Management and Resident cordial and positive.
  • Children can be monitored while playing in the premises of the society.
  • Residents can contact Grocery store or Technician through the app while sitting at home or on their return home.