Why is Biometric not an ideal solution?

While biometric data provides a secure way to identify residents, it is highly sensitive and needs to be dealt with utmost care. Also, the infrastructure requirements are very high and IT Act 20 requires that all biometric data be renewed every 15 days.

Why is Access Card not an ideal solution?

People tend to forget access cards or lose them, and thus can be misused by anyone who has the card. Plus, printing cards and the churn rate is very high.

Why is RFID not an ideal solution?

Even when residents vacate their flats they can still retain the apartment RFID. This creates an issue. Additionally, infrastructure to set up RFID tags, RFID readers is quite extensive. Not just that, the infrastructure cost is also financially intensive.

I have an ERP solution, do I need an alternative like SafeGate?

This depends on the comfort factor of the user. While we can’t comment on ERP solutions, we can say that we have an edge over them because of our single-minded focus on simplifying security. Our APIs are open, making any IOT based applications compatible with the app technology-wise – so that in the future, the app can include more features at no substantial expense to society management companies. You can start using the app and then take a call.

How can I ensure that I have the updated version of the app?

If there are any major updates to features, we ensure that notifications to update the app are triggered. You can always check the Play store /App store for the updated version if you want to be extra safe.

Who can see my entry and exit logs?

If there is any requirement, the management committee can view data up to 6 months through the dashboard. By default, the data is not available for viewing by everyone.

What happens when residents move out?

The residents who move out of the premises are removed from the system and cannot access the premises after removal.

Can your person be on site for a week for half a day in the clubhouse and be available for our residents to ask any question or help them to download the app?

We address real-time queries about the app through YouTube links, flyers, email collaterals, signage at the main gate, standees at the clubhouse and other methods including WhatsApp groups. Using these methods, we are able to help address all queries that the residents of your organization might have, without the need for additional onboarding time.

How can I enable the Multi-Tier System?

At an additional cost, the Multi-Tier System can be enabled by configuring the main gate device to the Towers. It is recommended that the perimeter or periphery be secured through SafeGate while onboarding; if you decide otherwise, you can always set it up later when you feel the need for the same.

What is SafeGate?

SafeGate is a smart and technology-forward security solution that helps you manage gated community security needs like entry and exit of visitors, household help, and online delivery personnel. It also helps in managing gated community needs like clubhouse and amenities management, complaint management, accounting and billing, and more.

Where can I get the app?

The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But to be able to fully utilize and experience its benefits, the management committee of your society needs to sign up with us.

The app is available on Android and iOS.

What aspects are covered in the demo?

All services provided by SafeGate like onboarding, deployment and post-installation services are covered in the demo, on request.

How quickly can I get SafeGate installed?

The app can be onboarded and deployed within 5-7 days of your society management team signing up with the app. We also create all the backend database of the security personnel, create digital profiles and training of guards to ensure that the services are ready to be used.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. Only the management committee of your gated community needs to subscribe for SafeGate’s services; the app is absolutely free to use for the residents.

How many days will it take to do the onboarding?

The entire process, including the training process and database creation, takes a week to complete.

How long does it take for the residents to adopt the technology? How easy is it for senior citizens to use it?

The app is very simple to use, and with some assistance, even senior citizens can use the app with ease. If someone finds the navigation difficult, we have an IVR feature that helps in usage of the app.

Where can I download SafeGate app from?

The app is available on Android and iOS.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detailsid=com.SafeGate.user
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/SafeGate-premium/id1101762651?mt=8

There is no limit on the number of residents who can download the app as long as all are authorized residents of the society. If the application exits immediately on launch, please try to upgrade app version or OS version to match them.

How can I add a tenant to my flat?

You can add a tenant via – Settings>My Flat>Change the status to Let out>add the details of the tenant.

Does the guard stop everybody who enters the society?

Yes. The guard is required to collect details from everyone who is entering the premises.

What if I do not want my guests to wait at the gate?

You can raise a request through the SafeGate app prior to their visit. A 6 digit passcode is triggered to the visitor, which they can then provide to the security and enter the premises, without waiting for approval from you.

What if I haven’t raised an invite for my guests?

If you haven’t raised an invite, your guest will have to give their details to the guard who will update it in the app and raise a request for you to approve. On accepting the invite, your guest can enter the premises.

What if I am not home when someone comes?

If you aren’t home, you will still get a notification on your app. The guards can always inform the visitor if their request to enter the premises has been accepted or declined.

What happens when a new daily staff joins?

We create a new digital profile for the daily help using any government issued ID. A 6 digit code is provided to the help, and this profile can further be attached to your profile.

Our staff is not comfortable with technology, can they adjust to SafeGate?

Yes. SafeGate is simple to use. If they still find it difficult, you can help them understand how to use it.

If the staff enters the premises but skips our house, how can SafeGate help?

Since you will get to know exactly when the staff has entered the premises, there is no scope of missing out on the entry. You can follow up on their absence if they skip coming to your house.

How many profiles can I create per household?

You can create multiple profiles for all the staff that visits your household.