Safe Gate’s Services and Features

Visitor Management

Validate visitors from your mobile phone.

Staff Management

Staff attendance management of the maid, nanny, driver, assistant etc.

Parking Management

Monitor car parking area and alerts for unidentified vehicles.

Notice Board

Good way of maintaining a healthy, positive and cordial neighborhood and conducting meetings.

Emergency & SOS Alerts

In case of emergency, a resident can contact any other resident or member directly from the app.

Residents Welfare

All residents contact details, flat numbers, building details are available including those staying on rent.

Digital Guards at your Rescue

Over the decades, there has been a significant increase in demand for gated communities rather than independent bungalows; this is NOT due to hike in property rates or prices, it has more to do with Security. Citizens of the country prefer living in societies where their homes and families are more protected, feel secure in sending their children down to play and where neighbours live harmoniously. However, with our current way of living, the number of people visiting our apartments has considerably increased. From the courier persons to food delivery boys, taxi drivers to servicemen in the name of DTH and Wi-Fi connections, there are too many people at the door every single day. How does a resident keep a check on every visitor’s authentication? And how many times do your visitors, wait for several minutes at the gate making manual guest entries just to meet you? How safe are your visitors’ vehicles parked outside your building premises? How safe are YOU?

Presenting your new guard- Safegate!

What makes us different?

Doesn’t matter if you manage a gated community and/or are a resident, Safe Gate is tailor-made for you.

Safe Gates’s Unique Selling Proposition is P-S-P i.e. Protection, Security and Peace.


  • Our prime intention is to protect the internal interests of all residents of the community they live in such as checks and verification of the daily staff that works closely with the dwellers, check in and checkout time of workers, society notice board updates, contacts of all residents and local emergency numbers, etc.


  • USP of our mobile app is its security based features. We pay special attention to external safety interests of the occupants in the society such as Visitor registration, daily log, car parking management etc.


  • The features and main motive of our mobile app is to make life peaceful and hassle free for people. In this automated and fast moving world, the safety of our loved ones and home which is the biggest asset and possession is of prime importance.

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